Be One of Us – Lost Boys AP’s in the store

AP’s added to the store! Go grab one now!

Be One of Us – Gallery 1988’s 30 Years Later Show

Click the image above to reveal the glow in the dark layer!

I’m back with another poster with Gallery 1988. This time with a piece inspired by The Lost Boys for their annual “30 Years Later” show. I am a huge fan of this movie, I might even say it’s my favorite movie (but that list fluctuates depending on how I am feeling that day). This was incredibly important for me to get right, and it was a really difficult task.

This is the 5th version of this poster that I worked on. The other 4 versions were designed to varying degrees. Some didn’t get past a couple hours of inking, while some  were almost completely finished but then scrapped for other ideas. I lost sleep working on this poster, and while tossing and turning I finally came up with what I am showing right here!

This is a 5 color screen print with fluorescent red inks and there is even a special glow in the dark layer (click the first image to see what that is). My good friend Danny Askar did an incredible job printing these (as he always does). Hopefully you all enjoy it, and you can grab one of them on the Gallery 1988 website!

Spider Head!

In honor of the 35th anniversary of my favorite movie, I have added a new pin to my store! The Spider Head was taken directly from my long sold out The Thing poster. The pin glows in the dark and has an orange rubber clutch! Go grab one now!

Bad Days Club x 8-Bit Zombie Collaboration

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably seen me post and mention about Bad Days Club. Bad Days Club is a side project I am working on, where I’ll be putting out various things like shirts, hats and accessories. Things on that front are taking a bit longer than I expected, so in the meantime, I’ve been working on some collaboration ideas for it. Naturally the first person I wanted to collaborated with is my longtime friend Ross from 8-Bit Zombie. We cooked up a nice pack of retro related items that you can grab right now through the Bad Day’s Club and 8-Bit Zombie website.

I have to thank Ross for working with me on this projects, and for dealing with my strict demands when it came to wonderful the product photography that he did! Hopefully this is enough to spark your interest in the project, and I promise that more things will be coming out for it soon!

Beyond Life and Death – Spoke Art’s David Lynch Tribute Show

Back in 2014, I was a part of Spoke Art’s first David Lynch Tribute show. I worked on a piece called “Back to Missoula” for that show, and it was probably my most successful print to date. That is the first time I started to experiment with the secret decoder technique. Since that show, I had always wanted to do a follow up to that piece, dealing with one of the most shocking series finales in television history! With the new Twin Peaks show about to begin, and Spoke Art doing another David Lynch tribute show, this was the perfect time to revisit my favorite television show.

Spoiler Alert! Click the image to reveal the secret identity of Bob.

The piece not only deals with the final scene in the show, and what has happened to Cooper, but there are a bunch of other hidden secrets hidden in the piece for you to discover if you end up grabbing one or seeing it in person. I tried to load as much as I could from the finale into the piece.

This time around, it will also come with a custom pair of secret decoder glasses. Danny Askar has been amazing, not only in helping me execute the printing of the poster, but also adding these custom glasses. The show opens at Spoke Art’s gallery in NYC on April 8th, but if you can’t make the show, there will also be some available to purchase on their website (I’m assuming) the day after. The edition of this piece is much larger than my previous Twin Peaks poster, so hopefully everyone will be able to get one who wants one! If you have any questions about the show and the best way to get this piece, you can email the gallery.

UPDATE: You can now purchase this here.

Onion Head – Enamel Pin

Onion Head is now in the shop! A hard enamel pin that glows in the dark and also has an ecto orange rubber clutch!

Only 100 available, go get him now!

Dick Tracy – Private Commission

Dick Tracy private commission AP’s have been added to the store! Go grab one now!

Best Friends He-Man and Skeletor


The print is up in the store now! Winners of the contest have been announced on my Instagram!

What If He-Man and Skeletor Were Best Friends? The Return!


I know, I know…I said that this would never come back. But with the success of my Best Friends show at Gallery 1988, I was flooded with requests to bring this one back. Plus, I wanted one that would match all of the others in the series (more on that later). This will be the ONLY and LAST time you will be able to get this poster, any version. This new version is the 6 color screenprint version with fluorescent inks, and printed by Danny Askar. If you’ve picked up some pieces from my best friends show, Danny printed half of them. He specifically printed Duke/Cobra Commander, She-Ra/Hordak, Lion-O/Mumm-Ra, Jem/Pizzaz, and all of the Real Ghostbusters ones, so if you grabbed those, you know how great the quality is.


This piece holds a special place in my heart. If was the very first print, for the very first art show that I was ever in. It’s something that has stuck with my forever. In the image above, you can see the difference in the two. The older version was a giclée print with added distressing, while the new one is a screenprint. I’ve see this thing get posted all over the place, on tumblr, instagram, everywhere (without credit). Countless bootlegs and knock-offs with this art have been made. I’ve even used parts of this image for shirts and pins. I wanted to give it one last hurrah, it all of it’s brightly colored glory.


The piece goes on sale Monday, November 21st at 9am PST. I can’t stress this enough, this will be the LAST TIME this will be available to buy. But before that, I am holding a contest over on my Instagram. All you have to do is follow me, and tag a friend in this image that you think would enjoy this as well. Winners will be announced and contacted on Instagram before the print goes for sale.

Spooky Storyteller – Enamel Pin

Spooky Storyteller

It’s no secret that growing up, I was a huge fan of the Goosebumps book series, written by the living legend, R.L. Stine. That book series may very well have been my introduction to the horror movies, comics and art that I love. Not only did the stories grab me, but the cover art has always been something that has been truly influential to me.

During the series first run, a mascot was created, most likely to make it easier to merchandise product around the book series. He acted sort of like The Cryptkeeper, the face of the book series, and even graced a few covers of the Tales to Give You Goosebumps series. He was always a mystery to me when just appeared one day on a bunch of Goosebumps related products, without any mention of really who he was or where he came from, but his design was always so interesting to me.

This is my homage to the great book series that was a huge part of my life and hopefully it’ll help you get into the Halloween spirit this year. This is a 1″ Hard Enamel pin that glows in the dark and has a bubblegum pink rubber clutch. (And for all of you die hard Goosebumps fans, the cardback color-scheme is a callback to the very first Goosebumps book, Welcome to Dead House.)

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