Best Friends Season 2 and Cinegraphic Solo Show at Gallery 1988

If you’ve been following me on my social media, you probably already know this because I have been posting about it like crazy, but this past Friday, I had a new solo show opening over at Gallery 1988. My 2nd solo ever, and of course my 2nd show with Gallery 1988, I was approached med last year about doing this. I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first, given the current landscape of pop culture are and pop culture galleries. After talking with Jensen a bit, I agreed to do it, and wanted to make it a bit different from my first show, but I’ll get to that in a bit. One thing that I have to mention up front, I couldn’t have done this show without Danny Askar, who printed all of these for me. He sacrificed a lot for me to do this show, and it’s something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repay, but he’s the only printer I’ve been able to work with, who really understands what I am looking for, and his attention to detail on everything is unmatched….ok, back to the art!.

Although wanting things to be a bit different, I knew that I wanted to revisit my Cartoon Best Friends series from my first show, this time handling properties from the 90’s, ones that I actually grew up watching. So that’s where things like Batman the Animated Series, Captain Planet and especially Space Ghost Coast to Coast came into play. However, as soon as I agreed to do this show, there were two idea that I have had in mind for forever, and I knew they HAD to be on foil paper. The first (although not 90’s) was Transformers, and the next one was Sailor Moon on sparkle foil. You can read up a bit more on the back stories of each piece (somewhat) on my social media or looking at the #cartoonbestfriends hash tag.

Like I stated earlier, I did want this show to be a little bit different from the first, so that’s why we decided that I should do some of the “comic book” style posters that I had done in the past. And I am not joking when I say, these things take a LONG time. I’m not the fastest designer by any means, and when we are also throwing in character likenesses, dialogue, special effects, etc., these 6 “Cinegraphic” pieces (that my girlfriend has now coined) just about killed me. I can’t tell you how many times I had to draw Pee-Wee to get it right, or how long it took to draw the damn Endoskeleton. I will say I am particularly proud of, and is my personal favorite of the show, the A Nightmare on Elm Street piece.

If you haven’t checked out the pieces from the show, I would love for you to either head over to the Gallery 1988 website, or go see it at person at the actual gallery as it’ll be up until July 27th. I can’t tell you how great it was to see everyone who went to the opening. I met a bunch of people I’ve talked to over the internet, as well as some people who’s names I’ve seen come trough in my store orders. This solo show stuff is no joke, It consumed a good 6-8 months of my life. I had to sneak all of this stuff in between all of the other freelance work I was doing, so that meant a lot of late nights, working on the weekends, and a few all nighters. I’m not so sure how my girlfriend Ciara put up with me (she was super helpful with me resolving some ideas), or even my friends, as none of them really saw me throughout this time. I also had a lot of help bouncing ideas off Ross from 8-Bit Zombie, he was super helpful when I was unsure of certain things. He also acted as my spell check, as well as Kyle Crawford. And another thanks to my friends Danika and Greg for helping me through the Sailor Moon piece as well. I’m super lucky to have this opportunity from Gallery 1988, and am floored that some of these have already sold out, so I can’t everyone enough.

Once again, if you want to check out the whole show (some aren’t pictured in this post), you can see everything here!

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