The Deadman – Gallery 1988’s Official WWE Show

If you know me in real life, you know how much I love professional wrestling! I remember throwing birthday parties where my friends and I would watch Wrestlemania, as it you be held on or around my birthday. I continued that love for wrestling as I got older, to today, where I still watch it pretty regularly (to the dismay of my girlfriend). So you can imagine how excited I was when Gallery 1988 asked me to make a piece of their official WWE Art show.

While Stone Cold Steve Austin is unquestionably my favorite wrestler, I decided to do something on The Deadman himself, The Undertaker. This idea had been in my brain for years, even doing a vector version of this piece a long time ago. But for the show, I decided to completely re-do it and apply all the things I learned from my Love Witch piece, and apply it to this. This is a 5 color screen print with a glow in the dark layer, beautifully printed by Danny Askar. The Piece is available right now, on the Gallery 1988 wesbite!

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