Best Friends – Gallery 1988 Solo Show


As I start writing this, it’s aboutĀ 2 hours before my solo show starts. I am currently reflecting on the past 6 months, and the amount of time I spent staring at my computer, drawing lines, balancing a full-time job (designing skateboards for Primitive) as well as freelance work, gallery shows and spending time with my wonderful and understanding girlfriend. It’s been quite a while since my last blog post, what looks like 6 months. Right after I posted that last post, I was knee deep in preparation for this big project that opens tonight at Gallery 1988, “Best Friends”.

Years ago, 2011 to be precise, I did a piece for a show that dealt with He-Man and Skeletor, and what it would be like if they were best friends. In between now and thenĀ I had been getting constant requests to reprint it, but haven’t so far. But ever since then, I had thought about carrying on the theme, with other characters and other cartoons. Last year, when Gallery 1988 asked if I wanted to work on a solo show with them, I jumped at the chance to tackle this theme once again, in a much greater capacity.

With this show, I pay homage to the the cartoons that I loved as a kid, and still obsess over today. Each and every cartoon, and each and every character represented has a special place in my heart. These cartoons are the reason why I do what I do and draw what I draw. I spent countless hours, days, even years watching cartoons and drawing. This is my love letter to those cartoons, my childhood, and my introduction to art.

The show opening is at Gallery 1988 tonight from 7-pm. All remaining work will be put up on the Gallery 1988 website tomorrow at 12pm pst.

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