Life Could Be A Dream – Gallery 1988’s Clue Show

Life Could Be A Dream

Hello everyone! It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’ve been super busy working at my day job for Primitive Skateboarding, and a few freelance projects here and there, that I haven’t had time to update my website. It’s about time for a complete overhaul, and that will happen soon. But for now, I have some new art to showcase.

I saw the movie Clue fairly late in my life. I wasn’t really aware of the movie until my girlfriend showed it to me a few years back, as it is one of her favorite movies. I instantly fell in love with it, and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen it, since Clue is my favorite board game. When Gallery 1988 wanted to include me in their Clue: The Movie tribute show, I had to say yes, not only for me, but for my girlfriend as well.

Life Could Be A Dream

I wanted to find a way to combine the movie with the board game, as I love both so much. I also wanted to incorporate the “comic book” style that I have been working with on the past few art pieces, and I felt that referencing some of the old murder mystery comic book splash pages was the right way to do it. The characters were the most important part of the movie, so I felt like it wouldn’t be a true Clue poster if they weren’t included. The weapons are another thing that are important in both the movie and the game as well, so I wanted to represent those, and bring them out of the board game and into the real world of the movie. The entire movie is a murder mystery, and the only time you ever see the murderer (before the murderer is revealed at the end) is by the black glove. I wanted to keep that aspect a secret for the poster, and you will find out why in a little bit. Other parts of the board game are represented as well, included the game pieces, the cards, the board and the suspect sheet.

Life Could Be A Dream

When the movie was released in theaters, it had three different endings, and those endings were randomly placed in the different theaters that the movie was playing in. When someone back in 1985 went to see this movie in a theater, they would have possibly gotten a different ending than another person seeing it in a theater across town. Now of course, with the release of the DVD, we are able to see all 3 endings, but it was something that was very unique for a movie, and further referenced the movie’s board game origins. I wanted to reference that unique aspect of the movie with including 3 different versions of the poster. Each different version follows one of the 3 different endings of the film, and are randomly placed in the stack of posters you will be able to get from Gallery 1988.

The show opening is on June 26th at Gallery 1988 west, and I imagine will be available for sale online in the following days. I’ll update the post when they are available.

*AP’s of the Sold Out print are up in my store right now!

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