“Back to Missoula” – Spoke Art – In Dreams: An Art Show Tribute to David Lynch

Back To Missoula

This new year has already brought some amazing opportunities for me, and among those, is getting to work with other galleries that I haven’t worked with before. One such gallery is Spoke Art in San Francisco. The timing for them to get in touch with my couldn’t have been more perfect. Last year I became obsessed with Twin Peaks, to the point where I would hunt through message boards and 10-20 year old articles just so I could get more information and knowledge on this incredible show. In turn, Twin Peaks lead me to the “Lynchian” world, where I discovered David Lynche’s wonderful, and thought provoking movies. It just so happened that Spoke Art wanted me to be a part of their David Lynch tribute art show, and I knew I had to do something with Twin Peaks.

Who is Killer Bob?

Spoiler Alert! Click the image to reveal the secret identity of Bob.

[Spoiler Alert] I knew I wanted to revisit the same comic book style as my The Thing piece, I feel that Twin Peaks really lends itself well to the comic book and graphic novel medium. However, I have also been wanting to experiment a little bit with some of those “secret decoder” images that were all around when I was growing up. Either as a prize in a cereal box, or in a pack of stickers, it was always something that I loved playing with as a kid. This was the perfect opportunity to show, possibly the biggest reveal in the whole series of Twin Peaks, the reveal of killer bob. The whole piece is a scene at the end of episode 14 (directed by Lynch), where Dale Cooper, the Log Lady and Sheriff Harry are at The Road House, listening to music when cooper gets a vision of the Giant telling him that Bob is killing again. And then we cut to the scene where Maddy is murdered and the reveal of Bob’s true identity, and the identity of who killed Laura Palmer. The title “Back to Missoula” is a reference to Maddy wanting to return home after her time in Twin Peaks, and also the name the the song in the background as she is being murdered. [End Spoiler]

This one is really fun, when you put on these special red glasses (that will be provided with each print), the true identity of Bob is revealed (watch a video of how it works, but it’s a huge spoiler if you haven’t seen the series). This is a 4 color screen print and an edition of 50.

The In Dreams opening will be at Spoke Art Tomorrow (March 8th), and all remaining pieces will be available the following Monday. I will update this post with the proper links on Monday.

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